MK808 Finless 1.6 ROM Upgrade!

Happy New Year!

So Finless Bob released the 1.6 ROM for the MK808 yesterday.  I’ve had the image for less than 24hrs so the video only has my first impressions :)

I deviated from the installation instructions slightly as I already had my MK808 on the Finless 1.5a ROM and the XP virtual machine I used already had the MK808 driver installed.

If you want to give it a go then go to the FreakTab forum here.  Here are some additional notes from my installation:

  • I could only download using FireFox (Safari, IE and Chrome did not work)
  • I needed to reset the stick before it was recognised.  I did not need to do this when I upgraded from the factory build to 1.5a (see 1.5a upgrade details here)
  • The stick still seemed to draw power even after I shutdown using the new soft shutdown button.  Probably safer to unplug when not using as per instructions
  • When I was flashing the ROM using my virtual XP machine, the stick would disconnect part way through the flashing process (I am assuming that this was just before the flashing began!).  I needed to quickly re-mount the stick onto the virtual XP machine or else an error would occur (see error shown in video).

BBC iPlayer stopped working after the upgrade, but there could be a simple fix for this.  I’ve not really checked it out yet!  I am going to use this ROM in future features so will get to know it better over coming days!


If you need a few peripherals, check out the peripherals page.  Will add more as I try them out!

Pinball Spring by Kevin MacLeod (

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33 Responses to MK808 Finless 1.6 ROM Upgrade!

  1. Kerwin Medwynter says:

    I’ve just installed the Finless 1.6 ROM and first impressions coming from the stock ROM is wow its very snappy and just feels like it should have been released with this already installed. I’m still trying to figure out how to use a gamepad but fantastic job very. Much appreciated.

  2. Paul says:

    Great video review, thank you. Did you manage to get the BBC iPlayer working on the MK808 on this build? I have the factory build and ITV player does not work well. Does this build play the ITV player?

  3. monstermash1million says:

    Hi Paul, I’ve not tried it again yet, but did read a posting on FreakTab that says that iPlayer worked in FireFox. I’ll try and give it a go this evening (including ITV player) :) Thanks for comment!

  4. Thomas says:

    Has anyone tried this with the MK808B?

  5. ngv1 says:

    Just got Finless 1.6 rom installed on my MK808 and can’t seem to get skype to work :(

    Tried calling from my iphone and it drops out as soon as it tries to answer the call.
    I’m using a logitech C525 webcam

  6. toki says:

    I am running Bob Finless 1.6 on MK808. I loved it. Bob did great job. Also I installed xbmc on it. it’s work very well, no error. Only issue i have with finless 1.6 is when go on youtube, there is no ” box ” to make full screen. Is there anybody else has a same problem. please help. This is my first time on this site.
    thank you

    • monstermash1million says:

      Toki, I’ve noticed the same problem when I use the YouTube app. I have started to go to YouTube via the browser rather than YouTube app. Would be good to find out what the app in the previous ROM was called though…

  7. Nuno says:

    Can someone says if this ROM works fine with the MK808B?

  8. ageek says:

    In relation to the YouTube issue this is the update that Google have applied due to the new YouTube skin/look! If you look at comments on Google play a lot of tablet users suffering same issue not being able to go full screen. Am running 1.5a and am happy with that. Also op does upgrading do a full wipe of what I have installed on the mk808 at the moment?

    • monstermash1million says:

      Thanks for info on the fullscreen issue – yes, little annoying! I like the YouTube client from the stock ROM the most, but not sure where I can get that from. Another alternative is to use xbmc with YouTube add-on. I have the footage to show xbmc running but need to complete editing before I can upload… Hope I can get it done this weekend!

  9. Fernando Carvalho says:

    I like to watch good football matches opening “thefirstraw” site; my mk808 stick tv is running well, but sometimes one or more links can not opn streaming.
    Reason could be no Flash player?
    I made flash player 11.1 download but not sure it works

  10. nicolas says:

    Hi, i have installed the rom 1.5a for works with my life camera cinema; and i can user it.
    i test also the rom 1.6 and it’s same, the blue ligth start few seconds and stop.
    the 1.6 rom is very impressive, but iwant to know if you use your power supply to use your camera or you just plug in usb port on your tv ?
    thanks for your work and your help.
    i am french and my english is very bad sorry.

    thanks for your time.

  11. chris says:

    I just got my 808 in the mail today and hooked it up to my monitor. I really like it. I know if can’t fully relace a PC but it seems like it comes close. I did not want to just pull out the usb cable to power off so I downloaded an expanded power menu app from the play store. It has a power off option but it did not work. The reboot option does reboot, and I unplugged the usb cable when the light went off. I guess that was as close as I could get until I install Finless 1.6…

    • monstermash1million says:

      Hi Chris, I plug the webcam USB into my stick and then power the mk808 using USB connection using a mains power plug. I found that the stick was not stable if I powered it only using the USB on my TV. Hope that answers your query!

    • monstermash1million says:

      Hi Johan, thanks for the link! I can see that the forum is beginning to buzz about the 1.7 testing :) I’ve spent all my free time on the Zealz GK802 review video these couple of weeks that I didn’t see it. Have you tried it?

      • Asp says:

        it seems 1.7 is released.

        I am calling this BETA test over and this ROM is the launch version.
        If I make any changes to it I will call it 1.7a, etc.


  12. francisco says:

    me gustaria el firware para actualizar mi android tv

  13. wayne says:

    I have the mk808b, and I flashed finless 1.6, everything so gar works great but I cant get skype to work. I log on and try to make a call with camera and also no camera. once I hit the answer button it says call ended or drops out. is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong. thanks for any replies.

    • monstermash1million says:

      Hi Wayne, I have only tried the stick with a couple of cameara/mic combinations… which camera/mic are you using? Additionally, I am using the MK808 rather than MK808b so could be some differences too….

  14. wayne says:

    I finally got it to work , im using the logitech 920. it seems I just had to wait a while before answering the call, almost like I was letting everything catch up. it works good I just wish I could get the software on the mk808b so I could play with the settings of the camera.

    • kk227 says:

      Hi Wayne,
      I need your help in understanding. I too bought MK808b which runs the latest Jellybean 4.2.2 Android version. I still now did not attach any camera or Microphone to my MK808b. When i connect Skype via this, I m unable to receive the call itself and as soon as i answer the call, Skype gets disconnected. Is it because I still not did not attach the camera. Actually, I thought at-least to receive video and audio in TV, i can test but its failing. PLease help me with your findings.

  15. Rod Bacon says:

    I just received my 1st ever TV stick yesterday (having experience with a variety of linux and Android based STB’s over recent years) and am very pleased with how easily I was able to flash your fantastic ROM. Thanks for your efforts!

    • monstermash1million says:

      Hi Rod, glad you are liking your new Mini TV Stick! :) I’ve found that XBMC+stick has really changed the way that I use my TV these days… just wanted to make it clear though that the credit has to go to the guys who build the ROMs. Fortunately for you, that’s not me! The ROMs I have shown in my videos are from Finless Bob :)

  16. Robert says:

    Hi. I bought my MK808 from and I do not know if i have a original or a clone. I want to upgrade to Finless, but I don’t know which version I should download. Can anyone help me? Thanks! :)

    • monstermash1million says:

      Hi Robert, not sure if you have tried flashing yet, but go here to see which one will work for you. Be careful though as there are now several versions of the MK808. The ones I have tried so far are 1.5 and 1.6 only and they were great for me, but there is also 1.7 and others too – I am still using 1.6. I really need to update some of the content here :P Will try to do some stuff this coming weekend!

  17. Rod Bacon says:

    Does anyone know if you can make the 802.11n on MK808 use 40Mhz channel widths, instead of 20Mhz?

  18. axay says:

    can anybody give me link for finless 1.6

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